Warranty is the prime factor of industrial equipment as they go through their asset-life-cycle. Our customers can claim for parts and service at any point in time during this period. 

Hereunder we aim to clarify the full terms and conditions of the Uno Sewing products and services guarantee.

However, the main function of our guarantee is - Customer Satisfaction.

  • The Uno Sewing after sales service policy is covered and underwritten by all our branded machinery and the Uno Sewing standard guarantees and warrantees. The company highly recommend that our customers engage in our valuable training sessions of our products prior to use.
  • The main characteristics of our industrial sewing machine guarantee includes a 6 month guarantee on defects of the main body casting, all main drive mechanisms and the lubrication system.
  • The main characteristics of our allied equipment guarantee includes a 6 month guarantee on defects of the main body casting, all main drives and the functionality system.
  • The main characteristics of our spare parts guarantee includes a 7 day optional return guarantee on defects of the main body casting, all main assembly and the functionality, for exchange, except needles, lubricants, and electronic components are not exchangeable when removed from the original packaging
  • The main characteristics of our labor guarantee include a 7 day advisory guarantee on the requested workmanship and the functionality, bar operational and operator error.
  • When claiming on a guarantee, the original purchase invoice must accompany the claim and the goods are to be in its original packaging. All standard terms and conditions of the sale apply, as set out on the original tax invoice.
  • All guarantee claims shall only be delivered at the company’s head office in Johannesburg, and not be held liable for transporting of goods to and from our service point. Only for exceptions (like multi-head embroidery machines), travel is chargeable. The standard guarantee excludes call-outs, inspection fees, periodic servicing, and damaged spare parts.
  • Guarantee turnaround time services could vary due to the company’s workload, however we aim to address all claims within in a period of 72 hour from the receipt of a claim.
  • The Uno Sewing guarantee does not cover the high mortality, sewing parts (like blades, needle plate & clamp, loopers, etc.), operational stitch performances and material and fabric type related settings and requirements.
  • Uno Sewing does not accept the responsibility for the customers’ loss of income and productivity due to breakdowns: Troubleshooting is an occupational hazard resulted to such high speed high precision operating machinery and vulnerability to electrical variances and application types.
  • The guarantee engagement date is as set out on the original purchase date on the official company tax invoice and the company does not entertain periods of dormancy prior the use of the products or services delivered.
  • Third parties sales and purchases of the company’s branded products disallows the company’s liability to honor any other guarantees that may be implied on our behalf.
  • General preventive maintenance is the foremost important tool for asset care that we abide to and these procedures are to be carried out as per the schedule given by the manufacturer. Our highly skilled service technicians will provide corrective suggestions and recommendations where ever needed in terms of application or maintenance. The company reserves the right to deliver on guarantee claims when a product reveal evidence of attempts of self-repair and lack of maintenance; and as set out in the company’s standard operating procedures and policies, and operates within its high standards of corporate business values 
  • Whilst we endeavor to cover all; excluding negligence, malicious damage and acts of God; we ask that you observe the details of our stamp on your invoice and this notice displayed and delivered at our head office in Johannesburg, RSA.