Warranty is the prime factor of industrial equipment as they go through their asset-life-cycle. Our customers can claim for parts and service at any point in time during this period.

  • All our branded equipment is supplied with the standard 12 month supplier warranty: On the main drives, casting & lubrication.
  • Our branded machines are supplied with a 6-month-3-fold guarantee:
    1. Delivered complete and full functional.
    2. 6 months guarantee on the main drives, oiling system and castings.
    3. Electric, electronic and electro-pneumatic drives for 30 days.
  • All guarantees are valid for as stamped and signed on the clients invoice.
  • All guarantee dates are aligned with the invoice date, and is to be provided on claims.
  • The standard guarantee included labor services free within the stipulated period.
  • The standard guarantee excludes call-outs , inspection fees, periodic servicing, and damaged spare parts.
  • Non accredited and third part handling renders all guarantees null and void, unless official consent is received, in witting, from the company.
  • General Preventive Maintenance is the foremost important tool for asset care that we abide to and these procedures are to be carried out as per the schedule given by the manufacturer.
  • Our highly skilled service technicians will provide corrective suggestions and recommendations where ever needed in terms of application or maintenance.
  • Our replacement spare parts are supplied with a 3 day return policy for exchange only, when correctly supplied.
  • Needles, lubricants, and electronic components are not exchangeable when removed from the original packaging.
  • All guarantees will only be entertained when the original invoice accompanies the claim and the goods are in its original packaging.
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