Uno Sewing offers consultancy services: Our four generations of relationship building in the sewing machinery industry, our depth of product sourcing base, our in-house expertise in Best Practice production technology management, and our 100’s of years of combined technical experience, with these expertise we can assist in production roll-out requirements albeit: Equipment, Management, and Technical expertise.

The Uno Consultancy Services, both, on-site and in-house, backed by our experienced staff and service consultants and our Uno Learning Academy (ULA), as well as supported by and an accredited with the FPM Seta as a service provider, these services, includes consultation on: garment construction, preparatory operations, process & flow, line set-up, line balancing, wastes, efficiencies, ergonomics, bottle-necks, and production management.

Many of the questions asked, and to often not answered. So we need to know all the aspects of production technology. So let’s get answers to some of the following questions:

Garment construction : - “Surely there is a simpler way? That’s the wrong machine on the line!”

Preparatory operations : - “Should that process perhaps be done before the style goes on the line?”

Process & flow : - “Why are we bringing those garment back up the line?”

Line set-up : - “Why is there so much down time on this line set-up? Does that mechanic understand the garment?”

Line balancing : - “Why is there such a big bottle neck at the overlockers?”

Wastes : - “Why are we de-chaining at the end of the line? That is actually re-work!”

Efficiencies : - “We only getting paid for the 18 minutes we costed that garment at, who is paying for overtime?”

Ergonomics : - “That operator is spending more effort in her pick and disposing of the garment?”

Bottle-necks : - “Why are there only 6 plain machines on this line when we need 2 more?”

Production management : - When the order is late for delivery and accountability is called on, the bosses askes, “Who attended the pre-production meeting and raised the challenges there?”

And so on, and so on, and these are everyday production related problems we encounter and most times there is a simple solution that we should be pro-active with rather than re-active too. So let’s make use our simple tool called production technology consultation.

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