Our service team will assist business owners, the local governing bodies and all stakeholders, assuring the client of best practices and standards at the pre-inspection. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are prepared to assist with the technical aspects of a successful lay-out, installation, and the set-up and sampling of your machines.

Consultation services include:

  • Factory, plant and line set-up
  • Process and flow streams
  • CAD and real time systems
  • Sewing machinery and factory installations
  • Embroidery, quilting, knitting and washing machine installations
  • Air, electrical, lighting, and steam installations
  • Storage, fabric inspection and cutting room set-up
  • Factory fitting, furniture and finishing
  • Access and mobility systems

We follow international Best Practice standard procedures for all industrial machine installations such as:

• Pre Installation Site Visit: Our service and technical team visit’s every customer’s manufacturing plan to discuss their requirements for installation (i.e. air & power requirements), machine movement plans, space planning is offered with recommendations and any other unique requirements prior to commencement of work

• A floor plan is drafted and proposed prior to installation, with recommendations for supply feeds Specialized toolkits recommended by our product manufactures to handle installations professionally while completing your job within the stipulated time.

• While all on-site house rules and PPE requirements are obeyed and observed by our technical team and daily housekeeping is enforced and completed. Where need be addition overtime hours are available and negotiable

• A demonstration of all the various features of your machines is given along with application support to your operators, maintenance staff and factory managers.

• Training is key on all equipment supplied to all our customers. Including technical operations, user and operators skills imparted, and periodic maintenance performances and charts offered for extending the life of your assets. A training register and certificate is also available.

• Post Installations: We carry out our 5-star inspection prior to guarantee commencement, so that your machines are ready to go before we hand over all the tools & accessories.

• A sign off procedure is completed to ensure a lasting relationship and open the door to any additional services and requirements in the future – Relationship Building