Uno Sewing offers free PPE manufacturing machinery advise and a solution to your mask making requirements: - woven and non-woven masks, surgical and cloth face masks, 3-pleats sewn or ultrasonic welded masks. More PPE requirements include: - shoe cover, coverall, medical gown, head cover, waste disposal and body bag machinery; fully automatic machinery and budget line machinery to suit your production requirement.

We continuously aim to be your ‘One Stop Sewing Shop” with a solution. Our years of experience in our sourcing ability, technical back-up, and operational support, aims to reach out to offer you a best practice in manufacturing, high volume output and being economical while doing so. Send your email request to us to receive your free solution and a demonstration can be arranged.

While others are in an upheaval and in search for supply, we not only offer you a solution, we have a range of machinery in stock, ready for delivery to you, so talk to us and let us help. Take a preview at our video links and see what we can propose and offer as your solution. We excited to be a part of your journey. Uno Sewing have been supporting many businesses, mining companies and schools to get beyond their crises point and into producing locally-made face masks and many other personal protective equipment wears. Get in touch with us and we will give you more and all the info you will need to enhance your PPE manufacturing processes to increase your competitive edge.

1.Kingstar model IS-FAMM-40420, the fully automatic disposable surgical face mask making machine
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2.Kingstar model IS-SAMM (Mk-II) the semi-automatic disposable surgical face mask making machine. Attaching the tie back can be automated with an ultrasonic welder, or with the Kingstar KS-H1 Lockstitch machine with A10 binder
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3.KingStar model KS-170-200, the ultrasonic KN95-type mask making machines, plus Kingstar IS-N-95-15040 ultrasonic duckbill shape closing machine, plus Kingstar IS-B(1) ultrasonic spot welder for elastic tieback – the modular workstation set for the N or KN95-type duckbill-type mask with, or without respirator
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4.Kingstar model KS-818 – the KN95-type mask ventilator pressing and inserting double set. The filtered ventilator can be inserted in any mask of your choice
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5.Kingstar model KS-170-60 – the Ultrasonic seaming workstation for edging and patterning woven and non-woven masks and for the neck gaiter type mask

6.Kingstar model KS-170-100 – the Ultrasonic seaming workstation for edging and patterning non-woven masks

7.Kingstar model KS-80TMM (Mk-III) – the Tandem workstation set for manufacturing 3-pleat woven fabric masks with Kingstar KS-H1 Lockstitch machine with A10 binder for the tie back
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8.Kingstar model KS-ST-#60 – the Sterilizing Conveyor Booth, used for sanitizing and sterilizing all types of surgical masks, N & KN95 masks and fabric masks

9.Kingstar model KS-170-2.5-95 – the Ultrasonic the Ultrasonic seaming workstation for edging and patterning PM2.5 type non-woven mask, in parallel with the Kingstar KS-DBNF-2.5-95
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10.KingStar -Semi automatic KN-95 mask making
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